Friday, November 11, 2016

Exploring Line: Vol 2

Line exploration is one of the main elements in many of these compositions. The main goal when working on these pieces is trying to find new ways to manipulate line, while creating intricate shapes and movement. In these pieces I am exploring line in a way that breaks down shapes and color to provide an abstract landscape or portrait. Even though some compositions do not work out, I always walk away with plenty of ideas for the next. 
These works below are my most recent pieces. Not only are they experimental, they are emotionally driven. Each work dives deep into some memory or experience in my life and continuing to find new ways to express this has become my life's obsession. 

"Airlie Scape"
"Dunes No. 4"
"Lady of the Morehead Inn"
"Memory Study: Pine Knot"
"Memory Study: Pine Bark"


  1. I love your new work. Gypsi is awesome, I can really see her in this picture!